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A chillbrahchill is, (if a chillbrah is a black hole,) a supermassave black hole through which no rays of awesome may escape. Being designated a chillbrahchill means that there is an emphasis on the chill, which already means you're kind of a boring, apathetic douchebag, but with the additional chill acknowledges that your douchebaggery has exceeded the limits of a mere chillbrah. Chillbrahchills must be excluded from anything awesome or they will make it suck, by listening to reggae, smoking weed, being boring and lazy, and not caring about anything.

One may also be classified as a chillbrahchill if they started out absurdly awesome before descending into chillbrahism.
God damn it, get off your ass and do something! You used to be so awesome, how did you become such a chillbrahchill?
by Kody Kalashnikova September 23, 2007
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