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Derived from the original word 'bom chika wah wah', it has taken on new meaning in recent years. Some people however, have rejected the word. Mr. J. Stevens, a High School english teacher has gone far enought to call it "a foreign tongue". Despite all these recent debates chika wah wah is a super awesome word.

Chika chika wah wah continues to serve as the same meaning as Avi A.'s "Oh yea!" and "boink boink"
1. Sex-related activities.

Ben Levy: It's so short
David S.: That's what she said!
TripleA: Chika chika wah wah.

2. Random Outburst.

Rabbi Z: Turn to page 261
TripleA: Chika chika wah wah
David S. laughing: Shutup!
by TripleA May 07, 2008
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