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Chestnut Grove Middle School is a school located in King, Nc. It is a school full of hoes and girls who stick out their butts. Every guy is a natural fuckboy trying to get into girls pants. Also all there teachers there are wack.
by yoitsyagirluhskinny June 10, 2018
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Gods...I hate Furries. My grandfather hated them too, even before they put out his eyes. Did you think I'd be out here on the frontier without good reason? Yes, The Internet needs a strong frontier. No, The Internet doesn't need unwashed DogFuckers at her gates! So, that's why I'm here, the leader of the Gay Nigger Association of America: to bring order to stinking Furries. Revenge? That'd be good too. This war against the Furrfuckers won't last long, and when it's done, I've got plans. This is all about power, power on the internet. Going down that road means dealing with all my rivals: Reddit, Tumblr, those YouTube Socialists too. After all, the man who controls 4Chan rules the world...and one day, I will be Rule it! Chestnut grove middle school
by King Quid April 30, 2019
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