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a: A person that is so fucking cool that no one can ever stack up to their greatness.
b: A person that is so fucking cool that they are better than everyone in every way
c: A person that thinks they are so damn cool that they dont even realize how much of a douche they are
d: in some rare cases someone that is so cool they have actually been witnessed walking on water
Police Officer: "That guy is so chesnutt cool that not only am i gonna let him slide on this speeding ticket, but hell im gonna make him exempt from the law"

Dave: "Jeff, could you do me a favor and grab me a drink?"
Jeff: "Sorry bro but do you realize who I am? You should know by now that not only do I ever have to do anything for anyone else, but you have to grab me a drink."
Friend 2: "Dave. Don't you remember? Jeff is chesnutt cool and such a douche on so many levels that he doesn't even realize it so be kind to him and get him a drink because in actuality he has no friends and never will due to his constant acts of douchebaggery."
by Angelina Brolie January 29, 2010
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