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A cherry rebel is a wanna-be rebel. A person who does mostly harmless and foolish crimes or immoral and/or antisocial activities just to gain attention. A cherry rebel is often a non-frightening and harmless person who tries to be a bad ass.
If the rebel-role is well-played by the cherry rebel he/she can actually appear more or less frightening at first. The first impression might fool you but a closer examination of the cherry rebel often reveals his/her true nature of foolishness and need for attention.
Cherry rebels are often rather annoying to have around and can get you into trouble with authorities for stupid and avoidable reasons even if you are innocent.
e.g.: The cherry rebel claims that you threw the beer bottle at the police car and his/her cherry rebel-friends support him/her.
Many people turn into cherry rebels when they are drunk.
Tom is kicking garbage bins and smashing beer bottles on walls again. He is a total cherry rebel when he is drunk.

Jack just threw a bicycle into the lake. He really thinks his cherry rebel-attitude is cool. Too bad for him that the ladies don't like cherry rebels.

I used to think Jim was a nice guy until I saw him drunk. He is a total jerk-off cherry rebel when he had a few beers and he got me into trouble with the police! I'm not going out with him anymore!
by SomeRandomDudeWithNoLife April 16, 2011
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