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to run into a shop find the cheese and then lick it and then run out
"i dare you to be a cheese licker" "whats that" "you have to run into the shop and lick some cheese and run out"
by ezza smith March 14, 2007
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A soppy couple who like to lick melted cheese off one another's back. Generally of pair of oily people, who are constantly bragging about their relationships status. They like to call one another babe, especially in public; not caring about the rest of the world vomiting around them.

Cheese lickers like to hang out with other cheese lickers, so they can discuss their cheese licking action with one another. Cheese licking dates are common amongst these types of gushy people.
"God, look at that pair of greasy cheese lickers!"

"How cheesy can you get?!"
by Henrietta Shitz December 20, 2012
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