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The original cheeky family hail from manchester and were born in the mid 1990's, a few years before the millenium. You will often find the cheeky family rolling off beds, throwing up, saying memorable/funny quotes such as 'turning the lights on will make everything real' - (papa cheeky 1/1/2012)

The cheeky family are well know for: 1. Always being the cheekiest members of the public 2. like to punch food and party all weekend. 3. The way to a cheeky members heart is MALIBU AND COCA-COLA. 4. YOLO-ING
'omg look its the cheeky family walking down market street, they're so cool and cheekeh'
'nana cheeky is wise, mama cheeky likes to shout yolo, cuzzy cheeky is known for punching food and papa cheeky is the original of the cheeky family
by papa cheeky April 28, 2012
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