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Charile the Unicorn is the sequal to Charlie the Unicorn, a popular video. In this one, the annoying blue and pink come back pretending to be deep sea divers while floating in the air. They are then sucked into a vortex that opens on Charlie's back. They come back soon after with an amulet around the blue one's neck. After persuasion, they go on a search to find the Banana King and return the amulet. On the way there they find a giant Z and the blue and pink unicorns start speaking spanish. They reach the kingdom of the banana king where a green seal-like creature wearing a Santa-Claus hat, beard and red lips who begins singing "Put a Banana in your ear!" Afterwards it explodes, just like the letters in the original. Charlie even comments, "Of course it burst into flames." It is then found that Charlie is the Banana King. He goes back home to find that he has been robbed again. The vortex opens again on Charlies back, and the blue unicorn makes a funny noise then leaves.
"Look over there! Its a Coral reef!"
"Oh no! Here comes a school of Fugu fish!"
"There's no stopping the vortex, Charlie"
"Charlie! I have the amulet! The amulet Charlie! The magical amulet! Spirals, Spirals! The amulettttt.....!!!"
"Put a banana in your ear!"
"You are the Banana King!"
Charlie the Unicorn 2
by SilverFoxTheKit April 30, 2008
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