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Chaos is a factor that can be very unpredictable. An example would be an object falling up instead of down or a fire starting without a source or oxygen. Chaos is anything that happens quickly and unusually.

When people are close to death some of them say they see the “Light at the end of the tunnel.” I think that tunnel leads to the chaos dimension. The only time you see this tunnel is when you are close to death but you are not meant to die.

Our bodies are like airplanes, and when you die it is like putting a hole in the plane and the air gets sucked out. But instead of air it is your soul going to the chaos dimension. If people die and are brought back to life their souls rot and become “ghosts.”

The Chaos Dimension

The chaos Dimension is a place where there are no rules or limits. People in the chaos dimension can do anything. They can change their age, fly, morph, breath under water, or anything else. You can go back to the normal dimension but, with two penalties. One you will lose your human-like form. Two when go back a huge disaster will occur. When someone sees the tunnel I explained in paragraph two an actual gateway opens between the dimensions for a very short period of time.

Chaos in the normal dimension is usually very violent and destructive.
there is no example in this dimension. it is just a chaos dimension theory.
by marschaos2 November 13, 2009
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