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What real Parisian anglophones call what the French consider to be the World's Most Beautiful Avenue, otherwise known as "Les Champs Elysees".

The Champs a Sleazy is a place tourists never want to miss when they visit Paris because it seems to represent everything that's really French. It's crowded and dirty. There are expensive shops everywhere that no one can afford, mysterious offices and apartments that only sex fiends would live in, fast food restaurants of all descriptions and most unknown to Americans, you can't heard yourself speak, it's sometimes fatally dangerous, and it leads from the monument to Napoleon, France's greatest and of course ultimately defeated dictator, to the even more ignominous Place de la Concorde, which of course has seen some of the most repugnant bloodshed in history, notably the regicidal beheadings of Louis the XVI, Marie-Antoinette and countless other victims.
"Thank God for the Champs a Sleazy. If it weren't there, Paris would be even more unlivable!"

"I wanna go to the Champs a Sleazy and jam scam some Russian tourist girls."
by Michael M. Cooper September 14, 2007
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