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A phrase used as slang for innuendo (see innuendo). When words, phrases and such can be taken and looked at in a sexual manner, but originally stated with that not in mind at all.

History behind the phrase: Everytime anyone hangs out with our friend Cesya, she has always found a way to turn things and look at them sexually. Indeed this is a great talent. After this happened on a daily basis, we started calling these moments "Cesya Moments".
Amanda: "I gotta get off the phone I'll talk to you later, I have to get in the shower before I go out."

Cesya: "Oh, getting all wet eh? *giggles* Alright I'll talk to you later....Have fun *smirk*"

Amanda: "*sighs and laughs* OMG Cesya Moment! I'll talk to you later, bye."
by Amanda M. Nagle January 09, 2008
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