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A guy who is incapable of having a relationship with a girl outside of texting. Cell phone romeos are smooth talkers who often have several women they are texting with at one time and are trying to woo but when it comes to having a face to face encounter they simply do not measure up to the romanticised personna they have created for themselves while hiding behind their cell phones. They are content to chat about relationships, kissing, and sex but do not have any plans to act on their over exaggerated skills and in these areas. May be a compensatory mechanism. Not to be confused with a player who has sex with anything that walks. Romeos prefer to mind fuck their unsuspecting Juliets.
That guy turned out to be a cell phone romeo. He bragged about how many orgasms he could give me but would never meet up.
by budlt21 August 30, 2015
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