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The cave descent is a penetrative sexual act created by a guy henceforth known as the "Freddybater". It is most often performed by a man on a woman allthough various permetations are certainly possible (allthough it is strictly only a cave descent if the partner to be pentetrated is female, if the penetrated partner is, in fact, male or even a female wanting it up the anus then the act is officially known as potholing as specified by the "Freddybater") In a cave descent (or whilst pot holing) plastic figurines, most often toy soldiers, are inserted into the receptical orifice (be it anus or vagina) and are then removed by use of strings attached to the figurines. This practice is similar to downslope climbers who climb down into deep caverns (in this case the receptical orifice) and are then winched out on large ropes. This lends the sexual act it's name and provided the inspiration to the Freddybater. Parties interested in bizare sexual activities may like to also see oil rig rescue a sexual game for 5 people, potholing and scat.
M: "hey baby wanna' come back to mine for a cave descent"

F: "A cave descent? Whats that?"

M: "It's when i spread your legs and insert toy soldiers in your cunt - then get them out using only a piece of string."

F: "Ooh! I can't wait baby! Can we use an action man because I'm kinda loose?"

M: "Sure baby!"
by FriendOfFreddybater July 30, 2005
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