Cause stalking is the organized, wide-spread stalking of an individual because he or she has a different lifestyle, political stance or a different moral belief system then their stalkers. The stalking is meant to cause disruptions in the target's psychology, physiology and social and financial status.

While most countries of the western world have well-developed laws and social mores regarding the acceptance of different lifestyles, political affiliations and belief systems, the cause stalker hasn't yet evolved into tolerant attitudes towards their neighbors and fellow countrymen. They believe that everyone must be exactly the same in that they have the same religious, political and social pratices that they themselves have.

Cause stalking is generally a "witch hunt" and doesn't really differ too much from the witch hunts of centuries past. Only the methods of punishment differ.
Well known examples of cause stalking are; murders of abortion doctors, harassment of Planned Parenthood Centers, murders of politicians who don't share same political ideologies, harassment of Jews, middle-easterners, hippies, anti-war protesters, women's movements, etc.
by katinthemeadows January 30, 2011
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