Catalunya is one of the 17 autonomic communities which constitute Spain. They say they don't want to be part of Spain, but they will be independent when the hell freezes. Their dialect is called Catalan and sounds arrogant and unpleasant, much more like French. They all speak Spanish because is their official language too, but they are famous for using their dialect instead to annoy the tourists. The rest of Spain think they are stupid, because they look down on everyone. To give you a good example of what they are like, they seem French.
-Let's go to Catalunya on holiday!

-Are you crazy? It's full of Catalans! Let's go to Cantabria o Asturias instead, the beaches are much more beautiful and the people are more kind.
by Alcantara August 09, 2005
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Region in Spain where a lot of people is independentist, but also imperialist, cause they'll invade the Region of Valencia, a place with a lot of money and resources, with a "Catalan Countries" plan that goes against the human rights.

Standard catalan is arrogant and hypocrite.
Example of imperialism:

Sense Valencia no hi ha independencia

Transl. -> Without Valencia there's no independence.
by Kike January 10, 2005
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