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a person who wears a mix jeans and tracky bottoms and a top that fits with the pants (jeans a henleys top, lacoste polo shirt) tracky bottoms football top etc most clothing costs alot they have generally will wear a smart jumper and jeans. hair doesnt really matter it ranges from short to long they a generally a the best stereotype to be because they dont have to dislike other stereotypes ( emos dislike chavs and chavs hate emos) a casual can be friends with both a emo and a chav and not have anything said to them big makes are henleys crosshatchit lacoste k-swiss etc most can be found at republic clothing but for trainners qube. the music they listen to can be anything if they like a song they arent bothered if you do or dont they like it thats it. main music is dance and bands like "scouting for girls" tho. this is the basics of the "casual sterotype". alot of people are hybrid versions that sway more towards what they like casual chav a person that dress in tracky bottoms and a football shirt and a baseball cap but doesn't tuck his pants into thair socks
thats all i woul like to say about "casual sterotype"
casual stereotype
by dan 2k8 August 14, 2008
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