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(Pronounced Kah-se-rah) A version of the names Cassandra/Casandra in which the "sandra" is replaced with "serra" creating a unique name that sounds completely different. A Caserra is extremely beautiful and unique in the best of ways, just like her name! She is very intelligent and studious, as well as organized, hardworking, generous, honest, determined, considerate, funny, successful, persistent, fair, and so much more! She tends to be very emotional and sometimes timid, although these traits disappear whenever one of her friends is hurt, physically or emotionally, by another person. She is incredibly loyal, and an amazing friend, so if you hurt one of her friends, you better watch out! She is very lovable and, once you get to know her, nearly impossible to hate! Overall, Caserra is a person that is beautiful on the inside and out. If you know a Caserra, be glad you do, hold on to her, and never let her go. 💙
Person 1: "I'm having the worst day ever. I don't know what to do!"

Person 2:"Go talk with Caserra. She'll notice you're crying, catch your first tears, and stop the rest. "
by TinHorse August 28, 2017
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