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Carlo Khalil or CK is a British arabic name. Unfortunately, the CK are british from their toes to their hips. The rest of the body is arabic. They usually have the bad sides of the two countries unlike Farid that are usually really handsome and well hung.

CK are usually surrended by very good friends, until they fuck up their friendship by being themselves. They are mainly straight (half chav, half macho) attracted mainly to blond nicely breasted eastern Europe females. This obsession for big boobs made

CK to become slang for:

1. n; the onomatopoeic sound effect of bouncing boobs.

2. v; the act of boobs (or the owner of said boobs) creating this sound by bouncing.
1. i could recognize that CArlo Khalil a mile away

2. so jenna jameson comes carlo khaliling up to me, right?..
by EastWitch July 18, 2014
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