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A carlisle story (loosely based on English professional footballer who plays as a central defender for Championship side Burnley.) is a story told to an audience that has a beginning, a middle, and then just ends. There is a bunch of stuff in the story, but only useless background information that nobody really needs to know about. However, there is no climax (see also: carlisle's sexual abilities), and no end. When you are listening to a "carlisle" speak, and at the point you think to yourself, "Wait is that it"? That is the end of the story
Example carlisle story: I had to go to the mall so I grabbed by hat, my banana, my $.45 and my... Interesting story about the 45 cents. The machine cheated me out of it. Anyways, so I'm there at the mall, and I had a fruit cup.
by reddit_1 June 06, 2011
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