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Carl barât, ex-libertine, shared the lead role singer with best mate pete doherty. The band split in 2002, after releasing two incredible albums (up the bracket, the libertines). The reason for the band split is contreversial. Apparantly because of petes relentless drug use but others claim that the band wanted to tour the second album but pete wanted to record new songs.
Carl Barât is now part of the punk-rock group Dirty Pretty Things. They released their debut 'Waterloo to anywhere' late in 2006 which got excellent reviews, particuarly from rock music magazine 'NME'.
"carl barat and pete doherty were waaay better together..."

"carl barât has cute floppy hair"
by lisa5672 November 30, 2006
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Carl Barât is the lead singer in the band Dirty Pretty Things. He was co-frontman of punk and garage rock revivalists The Libertines with Pete Doherty.

Best british song writter around, amazing singer and guitarist, coolest hair, great ass,talented,dysfunctional,he deserves more attention than Pete and his stunts.
His music is raw, honest,tentative, dark and brilliant. Have you heard "cant stand me now"???Cmon!!!!!!!! who writes deep,fascinating, decadent songs like that anymore?Pure punk energy, sexiest voice and Real Attitude!

by baratslova' April 10, 2006
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Carl Barat is an amazing young man.

Who is AMAZING at most things.
Including: Looking absolutly GORGE, singing and playing the guitar.

He is good friends with Pete Doherty.

They're just fab.
Pete Doherty: You're just amazing Carl
Carl Barat: Oh no.. You are too Pete!
Pete Doherty: We get all the girls
Carl Barat: Lets form a band called The Libertines.
by Libertinelover January 27, 2008
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