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Captain of The First Order, who trains stormtroopers, like the loyal TR-8R and the traitorous FN-2187.The attempted new Boba Fett of the Star Wars sequels. She has a cold voice, a posh accent and a heart of lead. She has a stormtrooper-style armor, but made of chromium, so it is actually useful. She is also precise when shooting. She hates smelly traitors like FN-2187, who called her a chrome dome, and threw her down a garbage chute. She is assumed dead after thrown into the burning remains of the Supremacy. She also has a badass cape and a spear-thingy and a blaster.
Finn: mate, today I got owned by Captain Phasma.
Poe: Serves you right for calling her a chrome dome.
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by Gaara's third cousin May 25, 2018
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