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A Cape Cod local is someone that was BORN on the cape and was raised here. To be considered a local you have to live here year round (for the older people at least 25-30 years) and have attended one of the many elementary, middle and high schools that are scattered around the place that most of us call home. I cannot stress this enough, TOURISTS listen up, just because you summer here for X amount of years does not mean you're a local, the people that live here, LOCALS, cater to you're every needs, we work our asses off to keep the people like you happy and coming back for more the next think twice about calling yourself a local because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US knows what it is to be a true cape codder.....and hell just to top it off, we'll out drink ANY of you any day of the week! So CHEERS to the true local cape codders!
"Those people most DEF aren't true cape cod locals"
by Local Cape Codder June 25, 2009
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