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Name,Caobhlin (rare). Personality of a rare type . Known to be a rude in social situations often caught shouting and sometimes name calling . Has a funny side but which is only shown in a inappropriate form. His love life is wild . In most cases Caobhlins tend to chase after older women as he thinks he's too advance for his own age group. Doesn't have a very attractive apperence but always has a high opinion of himself. Not a man of many friends and keeps only relatives close to heart eg.cousins. Refuses to adapt to school life at times , sometimes getting expelled/suspended and his un well behaviour leads to legal problems at times. Although Caobhlins are normally not very attractive they most often like to keep fit and try their hardest to dovelope six packs and other physical musceles.
That caobhlin is such a faggot
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by Lalz January 02, 2017
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