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The cranberry sauce that comes from a can. Proper canberry sauce will still have ridges on the edges once removed from said can. Best served sliced.
Hey, pass that canberry sauce to me.
by Ashre November 21, 2006
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Canberry Sauce – noun – a jellied cranberry-based condiment sometimes served with holiday dinners, which contains no physical reference to cranberries whatsoever, beyond color and flavor. Connoisseurs of Canberry Sauce are keenly aware that the canberry sauce slices containing the imprints from the top or bottom of the can are the most flavorful.
Would you like a slice of canberry sauce with your Turducken? Or do you want the lumpy stuff with seeds and stems?
Mom! I totally called the bottom slice of the canberry sauce!
by WreckingDrew December 25, 2010
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n. Canned cranberry sauce served at Thanksgiving, preferably on a plate while retaining the can's shape and rims in the midsection.
At Thanksgiving Dinner:
"Bobby, would you care for any of my homemade cranberry sauce? - Mom
"No, I don't want any of your fancy cooking! I want some old-fashioned canberry sauce plopped on my plate! Proud to be straight outta a can!" - Bobby
by bdogrun1 November 19, 2012
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