When a Canadian boy becomes a man, he goes into the woods with 11 other boys to the secret ice rink. They squeeze a wolverine until a round hockey puck shaped poo appears. (This is a brutal process which often requires the use of many wolverines, since many are squeezed till they pop) If a suitable wolerine is found, a badger or large rabbit works too. They then play hockey using frozen geese. If the ceremony is interrupted by a Bigfoot, then the boys are cursed to never be men and eventually become transgender. The winners of the game brutally slaughter the losing team's players using only a stick and a pine cone. The winners also claim all of the losers maple syrup and women
Carl: We're both about to be men, and i want your syrup and women!
Bobby:let's settle this with a game of Canadian butt hockey!
by Daddy Lala from Canada March 13, 2017
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