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A film starring Youtube stars Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart in which the girls' beloved childhood camp is under threat from the technology-obsessed Jared who wishes to "update" the place. The stars fight back, and find love along the way. Obviously that love is with each other and no one else because they ship Hartsquaredbig and what's that sorry I can't hear you over the canons and by that I mean it is canon bye
Me: Have you seen Camp Takota yet?
Friend: No what is it
Me *Gives you the ring finger*
Friend: What are you-
Me: You're not worth the middle finger.
Friend What the f-
Me: You'd get it if you wATCHED THE DAMN MOVIE

Me: Camp Takota was made independently by three young women who specialise in new media and through online download sales alone the movie broke even within 4 days.
Friend: Sounds good. Is there a link to watch it for free? I don't wanna pay for it
Me: *dials number* Yes hello, Gil? Imma need you to cut a bitch.
by ceilingnose July 13, 2014
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