A game where everyone jumps 20 feet in the air and uses noob tactics to win and if you camp everyone will try to push you out of your spot and then there's the bal 27 Obsidian Steed faggots enemy warbirds every 2 seconds noobs quickscopers teammates that punch you for no reason boosters and cheaters call of duty fanboys and 10 year olds who think they score girls plus hackers then almost every gun in the game is a weapon variant thats better then your gun then care packages explode when you try to take it then all the shotguns and snipers suck
friend 1 "hey u want to play call of duty advanced warfare

Friend 2"no it sucks 2 bad

Friend 1"but everyone else plays it plus there exos like titanfall

Friend 2"well im gonna play battlefield cuz that's better then any COD
by sup du June 27, 2016
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