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1)where most 5 year old's, with broken mics and an annoying habit of thinking they are cool because they get husky over a video game, get a false sense of skill whether it is noob-tubing, camping, running around at 7x's the speed any normal human being could run, or any other annoying habits

2)made because the makers of Call of Duty: Modern Warefare
who's KDR's were not good enough so they decided to make it more noob friendly and completely screw up the game

3)worst game to play when you are not in a good mood because most likely u will get even more pissed off and have to resist beating yourself with any nearby blunt objects

4) the game where the only positive thing is in-lobby muting :D
Player 1: "Dude i just got 3 nukes in a row in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2"
me: "who cares you probably camped with a RPG at the ready like you always do!"
by costs:yoursoul!!! August 17, 2010
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