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One of the most notorious nightclubs in Berlin, Germany during the "decadent" Weimar Republic area of the 1920s. The usual show consisted of short acts, skits, and songs, etc. performed by "amateurs." (i.e, nameless or unknown) In reality the "performers" were almost always mentally or physically handicapped people chosen specifically because they had no actual talent and were presented solely so the audience of tourists and "intellectual" slummers could laugh at them for "entertainment." The diminuative Jewish Master of Ceremonies, Erwin Lowinsky, was the inspiration for the character protrayed famously by Joel Grey in the much toned down stage production, "Cabaret." Also the club was more distantly an inspiration for the equally infamous '70s TV show "The Gong Show."
Come to the Cabaret of the Nameless and leave your decency behind.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
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