A game played between colleagues in a meeting who are only half-heartedly listening to the speaker. Words and/or business phrases are arranged in a traditional Bingo board fashion and inconsipicuously checked off as the speaker says them. Suggestions include: strategy, direction, "the way forward," collaborative, etc.
Me: "Hey, let's play buzzword bingo."
You: "Of course!"
Me: "Ok, I've got: global, expansion, cost-cutting, and strategy."
You: "Fine. I'll take layoffs, acquisition, growth model, and sync."
by LondonMum January 28, 2014
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This describes the overuse of PSYCHOBABBLE terms by unqualified amateurs.
Saffron says that her narc, BPD SO with anger issues devalued her truth, l said "psych buzzword bingo!"
by I, Wreckerrr May 5, 2021
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