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a extension of the exaust pipe in the back of a car (usually a 4cylinder car piece of shit)that gives the car a louder shitty bumble bee buzzing sound and it also makes the driver think there car has more power when in fact the car is actually losing power by having that buzz tip attached to there car due to having very very little weak power low compression engines that arent made for high performance and or racing (thats the powerloss for losing exaust backforce gasses) for example the few are very common honda civic,accord,mazda protege,scion tc and many other 4-cylinder pieces of shit i mean c'mon you idiots if you wanna be fast then get a V8 or a ment to race 4cylinder like an evo mr,sti ya know dont make your self look like idiots
hey look at the little piece of shit scion tc with a buzz tip its engine sounds like its gonna die tying to act like a real high performance car.
by the fastest man alive99 August 10, 2007
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