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A sharp and direct pain in your anus or butthole that lasts a few seconds and usually causes you to freeze in pain and make a weird face. Females may experience them as a symptom of pms. Anyone may experience them from hemorrhoids...I think. Maybe anal sex? The real cause is unknown. It just fucking hurts.

"Jesus, what's the matter!? You look like you just sat on a tack!"

"UGH! PAIN! No,'s just my butt swords *sigh*"

"Wtf is a butt sword ruhtard?"

"I don't know what it is...I get a sharp pain in muh butthole, like I sat ona fucking sword or something. It goes away after a few seconds but goddamnit it hurts!"

shoutout to my 43 yr old boss lady who named her ass-pain the same thing i did: butt swords.
by cupcakesheri March 29, 2010
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