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The process of clearing ones nose without the assistance of tissues, hankies etc etc
More specifically, clearing ones nose by pushing one nostril down with the index finger and blowing out of opened nostril, subsequently shooting snot straight to the ground. The bushman's hanky must be executed with a fair level of pressure or the snot will end up smeared or 'looped' around the nostril (it may even lodge somewhere on the lower cheek or mouth region) rather than on the ground where it belongs.

Person 1: got any tissues bro? i gotta blow my nose
person 2: nah mate, just use the bushman's hanky...
person 1: wtf?
person 2: hold one of your nostrils down and blow that shit staright out.
person 1: pffft, thats fucked!
Person 2: Neck up ya cunt, thats the 'bushman's hanky'
by curly G, cradle rock February 01, 2007
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