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a great game in which all of the people on a school bus put their backpacks in the center aisle to hide the floor (the surveilance camera can now not see the floor completely), and a person tries to get from one end of the bus to the other underneath the seats (or really any distance).
this activity can get you slammed with fines, juvy, or at least bus expulsion; only to be played under the lack of supervision of a substitute bus driver.only play when people who you know are above you, because people you do not know may try to kick you(it would suck nad you might get stuck)
i have personally played it and it's awesome.
guy1: hey, JC just went bus tunneling and got kicked by Ben!
guy2: what a dick, we gotta kill 'im!
Ben: it wasn't me, man, that dude did it!!
JC: let's get that dude!!!
by Irving Scott September 24, 2005
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