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Burton C. Bell is most famous for his role in Fear Factory. As the lead singer of the industrial/hardcore/metal band fear factory he has developed his vocal skills over 15 years (1991 - 2006) since they broke into the metal seen as a borderline death metal band. Burton stood out from the other death metal vocalists when he introduced loud growling/shouting mixing into clean vocals. (Heard clearly in songs such as Martyr) Burton has a very unique vocal style and it can be heard when he performs live concerts as well as on albums such as 'Fear Factory: Demanufacture' and 'Fear Factory: Transgression'. He is also respectively talented writer, he has written several stories and scripts to some of Fear Factories songs which are based around the technologic downside of the human race.
Burton also has a side project which is currently called Ascension of the Watches (AOTW). Burtons' voice is really bought out in AOTW's songs, as he has moved changed his heavy vocals we are use to hearing in Fear Factory to a soft, calming sound of AOTW. Opinions aside, Burton will remain one of the most talented vocalists of our time.
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by FFimmortal July 27, 2006
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