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1) The deadliest illness of World War I, estimated to have caused up to 40% of all American casualties in the war.

2) Burying, or "bunkering" your wiener inside a woman, usually in the vaginal region.

3) Jerking it into your best friends shoe as an act of revenge, but in the process receiving athlete's foot in your genital region (also known as "crotch rot").
1) "Mark contracted bunker wiener from his great-grandfather that recieved the illness during WWI."

2) "Jon enjoys using his bunker wiener skills with the lovely ladies down the hall."

3) "William decided to play a joke on his room mate and instead recieved an unfortunate case of bunker wiener."
4) "Neil is a bunker wiener!"
by Big Hoot! February 27, 2010
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