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A mixture of Everclear and cheap gas-station punch and fruit bunch flavored gatorade and red bull. It is a leathal drink that will make wanna sleep but the large amount of sugar and red bull makes it impossible to blink let alone sleep. This believed to be what the spartans drank while in combat. It is potent enough to wake the dead, but tasteful enough to drink without chaser. (do not comsume this product while driving an automobile or operating machinery, it's also best not to have a any plans the following day after consumption do to grouchiness, headache, mental fatigue, waking up next to midgits and or losing car keys)
1. Rod won't leave me alone about the bunch punch, i can't possibly drink anymore.

2. J.B. is passed the fuck out, he shoulda put down the beer and drank bunch punch with us. He's so not a postgamer.

3. I can't find my fucking car keys and why is this midgit following me around, damn bunch punch again.
by justin gibbons April 06, 2008
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