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People that work at Buffalo Wild Wings. People who work at a specific Buffalo Wild Wings store act like a clique - they start inviting new employees to hang out and drink with them after hours. Then they become full-fledged 'buffalo people' when they hang out at exclusive, usually small, get-togethers of mainly just other employees of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Sure, outsiders are allowed to these get-togethers, but the 'buffalo people' naturally herd together, and just talk about things that happened at work, that an outsider couldn't add into. They have small parties and act like you're invisible unless you are working there or are interested in working there. Weird, huh? Well, if this doesn't apply nationally, it sure does here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Basically just small cliques of people who have the fact that they all work at Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3's) in common.
My roommate and friend Jordan started working at Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3's) and now he's becoming one of the buffalo people that my girlfriend warned me about. Now, all he does is hang out with his co-workers and work all the time at Buffalo Wild Wings as a waiterperson. Good for him!
by Jeffro405 December 06, 2010
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