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Refers to gym junkie Australian low-class citizens who live in areas outside of the Eastern or Northern suburbs.

Often sporting a deep tan obtained the free way by lying outdoors (for those from the southern suburbs, on a southern beach, for those from the western suburbs, near Parramatta River or in the backyard on the concrete slab). A buff bogan is occasionally attractive, but they are a rare find, much like finding water in the west.

Bogans usually shop at Lowes, a budget chain store, the female equivalent being Supre.

Buff bogans converse in a different dialect and have strong accents, often using phrases like fuckin oath, cracker, strewth, blimey, and often call their women "sheilas".
PHWOAARRR!!!! That guy over there is sexy. He has no shoes and he looks like he spends a lot of time admiring himself in the mirror. He has an awesome tan. His guns are huge. He's so fine, I bet he can pull a macgyver. That is one hot diggity buff bogan.
by anon aussie January 19, 2009
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