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A genre of music that started in the 60's and 70's that record companies used to make a quick buck. The songs of bubble gum were usually about love, and had no thinking involved with listening to them, they also had a catchy tune that could be whistled at any particular moment. In todays society bubblegum music is everywhere and almost everything. Sometimes misunderstood for emo music or pop punk or even that mushy rap, i dont know what its called exactly, that hits for a top ten.

many bands use this style to make their music because it so effectively goes right to the top of the charts and gets them money. All they have to do to make one of these blubbery song is to right about what there feeling, most commonly about love and relationships. again not to be mistaken with emo which actually means emotive. Such bands as good charlotte, blink 182, kelly clarkson, hedley, akon, LLCoolJ, avenged sevenfold, and many many more try to squeeze whatever industry there is out their of their pocket change for these awful singles, that rarely ever make it past their first hit (alot of one hit wonders have risen from bubblegum music.
avenged sevenfold isnt emo, its bubblegum core!

shit, this isnt punk, this is just bubblegum, NOFX is loosing its touch

blah, what sellouts, they must be bubblegum

You guys suck, you stupid bubblegum band

shit, look at LLCoolJ, hes all bubblegum

"oh, avenged sevenfold is soo cool i love them!" "No, you suck, theyre bubblegum"

Man, pink floyd has been oversold by bubblegum music!
by Wham November 15, 2005
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