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A team of THE most beautiful girls that exist on the face of the earth! They are there to help any one with any life problems that may arise. 0ften can be confused with the power puff girls although there is 9 in bubble gade not 3!!
1.Queen Bekquar/bekki/ma bird
2.Dr shell Bubbles Mansell/shellby/michelle
3.Doo Dar/Don-Dons/ donna wonna
4. Madam milly eddyness/Milly willy/melissa
5.Jenni tree/ Tree Bee Berry/the tree
6.Princess Amylia/Amy/Mossi
7.Lady Richardson/clare bear/crack whore.
8.Gemmonessy/reverand Gemma/ Gem brasso
9. Mizz Foney MI5 leader/Laura/bekquars bird
by laur bex n moss April 18, 2005
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