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The act of responding to a text (within a text conversation) in an asymmetrical fashion, often a result of individuals texting each other who compose messages at different relative speeds.

Alludes to the 'bubbles' in the user interfaces of most popular messaging apps.
Person A: picture of waves at beach
Person B: “Nice Waves”
Person A: jumped bubble“8-10 feet is a little out of my league still”
Person B: neutral reply to jumped bubble “Ya Baby”
Person A: “but I’m going to Mexico next week and basically gonna surf all week!”
Person A: “So maybe I’ll be ready for those bad boys soon”
Person B: place saving while the 3 dots shows person B is on to the next text bubble “ I know what you mean”
Person B: desperate attempt to disambiguate “ Not about Mexico. About league dissonance”


"I was trying to casually chat about surfing, but we just kept bubble jumping and I got bored."
"well, only boring people get bored, you know?"
by puffco September 03, 2016
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