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She is so beautiful the saddest part is she might not even know it
An Angel with the mind of a sage.

Sometimes the darkness of her eyes may trick you making you think their hard and cold, but deep inside if you look deep enough they're really brigh

The sparkle make you wonder what is beneath them
She is a tease.

By the way her Bum is Fucking huge!

Who wouldn't want such a beauty.

She is just as Creative as her name it seems to roll off your your tounge, the same way ideas seem to off her mind.

So independent she can take care of herself, no man is needed for her safety

She can do wonders, but once again she doesn't know it.

Lets get back to the positives tho, which she struggles to see pointing the negatives around her, when in reality there's more positives including in herself which she fails to see.

Some people dont care for those negatives yet she still wants to be more positive then she doesn't know she already is.

Frustrating for those who love her

but they dont care, because they love her to much to stop her.

She is a joy to see with a big smile.

IT could seriously brighten your day.

Like the moon her heart seems to shine through the night. I
Through dark times she could be all you need to guide you through the dark.

Brylah or Bryla

Is the women no other could be.

She is one of a kind

a Fact that can not be denied.

A Goddess walking the Earth.
Boyfriend stares at Brylah*


Marcus: Your so beautiful

Brylah: Stop Fag!

*covers face*

Marcus: You are!

Brylah: Mmmm ... no!

Marcus:... I love you


*Her eyes brighten*

Brylah: I Love you too.
by marxus December 27, 2013
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