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A sexy act; a term to describe the rapid fingering sensation a man conducts on a woman. The man must at the same time emit a loud super saiyan sound like the famous martial arts legend Bruce Lee.
Christian: Hey bro, how was your night with Olivia?

Akilan: Too good man, I Bruce Leed her!

Christian: Wait, you did what!?

Akilan: I fingered her at such a high velocity and cried out like the legendary Bruce Lee himself *WhoOoOyaAaaA*!!!
by Harold and Kumar Boys January 26, 2014
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When you get to a level of highness which your no longer able to bring any words together in a sentence and you can only make the karate chop sounds that Bruce lee makes
Person 1: here mate you good?

Person 2: hoooooohhoyooah

Person 1: fuck sake not again
Person 2: yeoooohaaaa
Person 1: your Bruce lee'd mate
by Yea mate September 01, 2017
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