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Brown Charger is a term that originated when 4 dudes of mediocre coolness purchased 2 cleveland browns jerseys and 2 san diego charger jerseys from a local thrift store for a very well negotiated price. The "Brown Charger" is often confused for a sexual term but is actually used to describe someone who is able to make NOTHING out of nothing....someone who could charge (in a battery sense) a piece of dung. This dung would now contain energy but that energy is most likely wasted because how can you use an electric piece of dung? Also works in the sense that you would turn a place like San Diego (charger, beaches & pleasant) into a place like Cleveland (brown, industrial & rather bland)
Justin Morneau hit a homerun in the 9th inning of a 10 run game. He is such a brown charger.

by P. Giddy May 11, 2006
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