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A large street gang located in Abilene, Texas. This gang is notorious for using extreme amounts of violence on any person who invades their territory. The Brookhollow boys are infamous for MOBBIN' all day, every day. Everyone in a 50 Mile radius respects the hold that the Brookhollow Boys have on the streets. The majority of the gang grew up in the bad part of the Brookhollow area; what some would call the "projects". The BHB are known for not playing any games and comin hard and holdin it down for their hood. Many people are living in constant fear because of these gangbangers. The streets are terrified of this new force coming to power in the streets of Abilene. Word on the streets is that these boys don't play. It is being called "Harlem of the South".
"Dang man there are the Brookhollow Boys, we don't want it with them, lets just take another street."

"Ay kinfolk, we used to run these damn streets till those Brookhollow Boys started callin the shots on the street."
by ahahihoihjadff September 18, 2007
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