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bro ahead (sometimes spelled bro-ahead)

pronunciation: (broh-uh-hed) IPA(ˈbɹoʊ əˌhɛd)

n. permission given by male friend to pursue a course of action, usu. involving romantic or sexual interest, that might conflict with the interests or sensibilities of said male friend due to familial ties or prior relationship with the person of interest

origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 2010

Bro 1-Think I’m gonna go talk to that girl at the bar again, man. She’s lookin’ good.
Bro 2-The one in blue? That’s Tracy. I met her last week at the barbecue, she’s really cool. And she’s single.
Bro 1-The one you talked to me about? Should I hold off? You met her first.
Bro 2-Nah, it’s cool, I’m not hittin’ that. You go on over there.
Bro 1-You sure?
Bro 2-Yeah, I’m giving you the bro ahead, you can tell her I said “hi”.


Bro 1-Dude, that chick at the bar is totally hot!
Bro 2-That’s Tim's sister, man.
Bro 1-Oh...
Bro 2-Yeah, “oh” is right. You better back off, cause you’re not getting the bro ahead on this one. Not after what happened with Tracy.
by TUNA the 3rd July 18, 2010
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