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any discussion (usually between those of the female gender) pertaining (but is not limited) to one or more of the following subjects:
wedding dresses
women's rights
general negativity towards the male gender
Zack Efron
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's hair
Justin Bieber's age
Bowel movements (last 4 are synonymous, we know)
anything that is a self cockblock to prevent getting involved with bros or playahs
Girl 1- That frat is filled with a bunch of playahs and bros, why even go?
Girl 2- Oh I just go and drop some bro repellent and any guy that gives a good input I know is worth talking to.
Girl 1- oh wow! thats smart.
Girl 2- Hasn't worked yet in a frat...
Girl 1- Hmmm, maybe cuz they're all literally bro's..of a frat.
Girl 2- Damn.
by bigrondolover999 March 26, 2011
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