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A drop dead gorgeous, stunning female in a man's life who he is infatuated over to a point of doing things that a certain person has never done before.

Breaking it down:

Brizzle- fine, diamond-class(dime) woman.

that's on the...

Vine- a man's life or love life.
Example 1: Homeboy walks in

"Yo bruhh" - Guy1
"What's poppin' slime?" Guy2
"Oh nuthin' much..." Guy1
"Where you goin'?" Guy2
"Watcha mean?" Guy1
"Well my nigga, you got the fresh shirt on, some hi-top jordans, and a fresh cut, not to mention that jewelry." Guy2
"So..." Guy1
"So it must meant you got a brizzle on da vine" Guy2
"Man, you crazy" Guy1

Example 2: A small piece of emcee Jay True's spit on a track called "She Mine"

"I gotta brizzle, fa'shizzle on da vine, she mine, so don't waste your t-i-m-e, she my, mine, always on my mind, try to leave her behind, but she always crawls up on time, to every little thought of we, meant for, she really killed me..."
by JiveDaTruth November 26, 2011
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