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Brinkley Road is A Road that starts on the corner of Allentown and goes all the way down until right before the Wendy's By Rivertowne..If u From Brinkley Road,.You Run Shit..Nobody can Fuck wit you..People Often DO NOT REALIZE HOW FUCKIN LONG BRINKLEY ROAD IS..Although They may not personally know one another,.Brinkley Road comes with pride..And They all see each other around..Posting at the Sunoco or Jackie chan are what many Brinkley Niggaz Do..Juggin on the block
Dumb Nigga :Aye moe lets go Rob them Niggaz

Smartest man alive:Shiiiiiid you trippin moe..That's a death wish..They from Brinkley Road .
by Plies's Son March 23, 2017
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